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About Us

Established in 2004 as a trading company importing and exporting agency products in Singapore. To satisfy the needs of increasingly affluent and well-travelled consumers looking for unique snack food choices, we founded our own brand of BONZ® range of snacks and confectionery products.


We develop and create a variety of food & beverage products unique to South-east Asia. Being in the epicentre of Asia's melting pot of food culture, we aim to introduce unique and distinct Asian flavours to the world through our innovative and delicious products.



Company Milestones


2004  ~  Mr Png founded Sheng Aik Trading as a sole proprietorship and began trading in food & beverage

          ~  Appointed sole agent for Macau by King's Creameries (S) Pte Ltd  

          ~  Began exporting King's Ice Cream (one of Singapore's Top 3 Ice Cream Brands) to Macau  


2008  ~  Incorporation of Private Limited Company under the name of Sheng Aik Trading Pte Ltd

          ~  Sheng Aik’s strong management & expertise helped secure the exclusive agent rights for top ice cream brand, King’s Ice Cream (Singapore)

              for markets in Hong Kong & Macau, and Yili Ice Cream (China's No.1 Dairy Brand) for Southeast Asia.

          ~  Succesful launch of Yili ice cream in Singapore and King's Ice Cream in Hong Kong.


2013  ~  Launched Chocolate housebrand - BONZ®

          ~  Began exporting BONZ® Chocolate to China


2014  ~  Launched Beverage housebrand - BON!® Tropical Juice Drink range

          ~  Began exporting BON!® Tropical Juice Drink to China


2015  ~  BONZ® and BON!® certified Tasty Singapore Brand Ambassadors by Enterprise Singapore

          ~  New Product Launch - BONZ® Praline chocolate range

          ~  New Product Launch - BON!® Juice new flavours (Fruit Punch, Pineapple)


2016  ~  New Product Launch - BONZ® Chinese New Year Festive Cookies range

          ~  New Product Launch - BONZ® Cookie range


2018  ~  New Product Launch - BON!® 100% Durian Mooncake

          ~  New Product Launch - BON!® 100% Durian Mochi


2019  ~  New Product Launch - BONZ® Coffee Bean Chocolate