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BONZ™ Chocolate

BONZ™ Cocolat


Inspired by the ever-tempting chocolate fondue, we created BONZ™ Cocolat range of real freeze-dried tropical fruits coated with 100% real cocoa butter milk chocolate. Unlike other chocolate products that may use terms such as "chocolate-coating" or "made with chocolate" that contains vegetable fats, BONZ™ Cocolat are made with REAL chocolate. Apart from the unique flavours such as Almond Green Tea Chocolate, it offers a unique range of additives-free freeze-dried fruits coated with the finest chocolate.


*Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruits


- The expensive freeze drying process preserves the fruits without losing its colour, aroma, taste, nutritional value & appearance

- Rehydrates quickly and does not contain any preservatives

- Freeze-dried fruit has calorie values equal to its fresh counterparts

- Non-seasonal, tropical fruits can be enjoyed anytime & anywhere

- An ideal Natural & Hygienic food


BONZ™ Creme Praline


BONZ™ Creme Praline range oozes charm with our series of fruity & fusion flavoured soft, creme-filled dark chocolate pralines that aims to satisfy the taste buds of both fruits and chocolate lovers at once.


BONZ™ Truffle (2016 New Product)


BONZ™ Truffle brings you the taste of Belgium with a tropical twist!

Carefully crafted in various shapes, infused with tropical & fusion flavours, and finally dusted with cocoa powder.

Simple melt in your mouth goodness.